Best Ideas to spend good time while being at home

Best Ideas to spend good time while being at home

Bored at home ? Wondering what to do ? Nothing is coming in mind. Everything is too confusing. Don’t worry, this post will surely give answers to all these questions. In other words, let’s try something new & interesting…!!!!

Best Ideas to spend good time while being at home
#StayHome #BeSafe

I know it is really tough to stay at home the whole day, that too for couple of days, but you can really make it interesting & useful rather making it as a headache. It can be in a productive way. In addition you can try doing the things which you could never focus on due to your busy work schedule. You can do all those stuffs which could not become your priority during your daily routine. Now, it is the right time. Here are few best ideas to spend good time while being at home.

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Best ideas to spend good time while being at home…

1. Organize your personal space

Just be with your closet for a while, find the clothes that have flaws and you didn’t have time to correct it in the past, you can do that now. See if you have to remove/add something to your collections, make a list what all you want new/change in your closet and plan to go for shopping accordingly.

Best Ideas to spend good time while being at home

2. Play Board Games

You can enjoy playing board games with friends, family or your partner. It has always been a good & best option to spend time with your loved ones. Board games like Ludo, Snake & Ladders, International Business, Chinese Checker, Chess, UNO, Monopoly, Risk, Battleship, Twister, Blokus, Connect Four, Cards Against Humanity, Mouse Trap, Life, Trouble (and Double Trouble), Zingo, Candyland, Pictionary, Scrabble or many more.

play board games

3. Give time to your loved ones

We all are usually so much busy in our lives, therefore, we don’t give time to our family or partner. Use this as an opportunity & spend some quality time with your partner, in other words talk to he/she for long hours. Can also plan for a lovely & special date indoor or outdoor, any of the two.

4. Enhance your skills

While working we do not find much of the time to enhance or polish our professional skills, which is also very important. Now a days, there are so many online courses which are really useful & you also get the certificate on the successful completion. These courses can be paid or free of cost.

5. Follow your passion

Work Vs Passion ! Not necessary everyone’s working field or passion is same. Many have to choose or focus one out of both. This free time you can utilize to take one step ahead towards your passion.

Best Ideas to spend good time while being at home

6. Focus on your body

Most of the time we don’t focus to nourish our body due to our busy lives. It is a right time to do it now. Do a manicure or pedicure, take a full body massage, use home remedies to massage your face, can do proper hair care, etc.

7. Learn something new

You have always wanting to learn something new like painting, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, networking with people, etc, can focus on that as well.

8. Improve your cooking skills

Whether you are a good cook or not, try some new dishes, check their recipes online & then try it out in your kitchen. If you love cooking then please spend time to do some experiments and cook in your own style.

Best Ideas to spend good time while being at home

9. Watch your favorite shows

It happens when you don’t find much free time to watch TV shows or movies which you really want to see, that also you can do it now. Just use online apps like #Netflix #Hotstar #AmazonPrime, etc. Thriller, Romantic, Horror, Comedy; it can be anything what ever you like the most.

10. Show your skills on paper

Best Ideas to spend good time while being at home

Now it is the time to show your skills on paper. Can paint if you like playing with colors & you are creative enough or you can also randomly start painting something. Or if you like to write then you can write an article, a story, blog, or a poem. Or you can do sketching also.

Few more things to do when you are bored:

  • Plan your next trip
  • Start Reading
  • Get in shape
  • Call your friends
  • Start going for a walk
  • Do Yoga
  • Sleep nicely/relax your body
  • Focus on few physical activities
  • Organize your home
  • Listen to music
  • Write something
  • Drive somewhere where you have never been
  • Try learning a new language
  • Try out a new coffee shop/restaurant
  • Go for shopping
  • Sing & Dance on your favorite songs
  • Read motivational quotes or stories
  • Try a new hairstyle
  • Looking through old memories like photos or videos
  • Mediate
  • Watch a sunset or sunrise
  • Sit outside in a good weather
  • Take a long shower
  • Drink tea
  • Create a self-love list
  • Start a blog
  • Make a cocktail
  • Rearrange your furniture or decorate your living space
  • Make a vision board
  • Visit a museum
  • Create your own website
  • List down your strengths/weaknesses
  • Try and make friends with a stranger
  • Adopt a pet
  • Sign up for a class
  • Find a part-time or freelance job
  • Recruit a friend or play some games
  • Watch a documentary
  • Take some selfies
  • Go bowling

And the list goes on. There are so many things which you can do to spend the time. After reading all these now it is difficult or infact surprising if anyone says that it is boring at home, there is nothing to do. Frankly speaking while writing this blog even I got to know that we have really hell lot of things to do when bored whether being relaxing things, entertaining things, adventurous things or productive things.

Today entire world is suffering from #CoronaVirus, leaders of every country is pleading their people to stay at home and be safe. To break the chain our government has been requesting for our support to fight together with the virus for the well being of our nation.

Be safe & stay at home…..!!!!!

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